Touring Europe one Airbnb at a time

Posted Wed, March 1, 2017 by
One of the highlights of going on tour is getting to experience the community and culture that defines a city. Check out how staying in Airbnb homes while touring in Europe exposed us to a new local slice of life everywhere we went on Rootfire:
  • GreaterMark

    Love your music men! you should pass by Aalborg, Denmark 😀 Peace

  • GreaterMark

    Oh! I just got this idea! can I use one of your songs in my youtube channel and of course link you in the description? 😀

  • hurl pool

    Inspirational! Hey tokers everywhere, what Airbnb friendly to blunt have you experienced, recommend in your country? Preferably on a StickFigure tour but as long as its close to the ocean, all good. Europe, UK, US… for summer 2017

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