LargeUp World Premiere: “Shadow” (Remix) [feat. Raging Fyah]

Posted Wed, August 10, 2016 by

Shadow Remix featuring Raging Fyah

Originally written and produced by Scott Woodruff of Stick Figure, the Shadow remix came about on tour with a collaborative effort between Kumar of Raging Fyah on vocals with Johnny Cosmic of Stick Figure tracking the vocals in the back lounge of the Stick Figure tour bus. All the vocals were recorded as freestyle by Kumar on the last night of the Set in Stone Tour and the song was later remixed and produced by Mr. Johnny Cosmic.

Scott Woodruff of Stick Figure says about the collaboration, “Shadow was always Kumar’s favorite song of ours we played live on the tour. He was always walking around the venue singing it to himself so one day I asked him if he wanted to do a remix of the track, thinking he would do simple cover version using the original lyrics, but instead he dropped this killer freestyle off the top of his head and we were all blown away! I am so excited to share this remix with all music lovers”

LargeUp World Premiere:


  • freegan_man

    Hauntingly brilliant!

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